POP MART Bunny Playfulness Series Blind Box


What's Blind Box

"BLIND BOX" is a type of sealed packaging that keeps what's inside a mystery until you open it.

If you order a "Set of 12 Boxes", you will receive a set of 12 figures in 12 different designs.

Besides "basic" figures, some figures are rarer to find, which we call "SECRET".

Note: If you buy a set and get a "secret" in the series, one "basic" figure will be replaced randomly.


Shipping & Delivery

Free Express Shipping on orders above $149.

$8.99 Express Shipping on orders above $69.

1-4 business days delivery to most areas. 


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Remember those carefree days from your childhood just playing and laughing from sunup to sundown?

Bunny Playfulness series reminds us all that there is always an inner child in all of us.

Days at the playground, learning to swim, exploring the backyard...there are so many things that we suddenly remember when thinking back to our youth!

Take a trip down memory lane with Bunny and all these lovely, nostalgic scenes.



12 Basic+1 Secret


About 8cm tall