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The designer toy industry, which emerged two decades ago, has boomed in China in recent years, breaking the stereotype that “toys are for kids.” Designer toys integrate diverse concepts such as art, design, painting, fashion, and modern sculpture into figures. With unique artistic designs, these toys depict various characters and convey different lifestyles. They generate a “love at first sight” reaction, and fans are crazy about them, one of the trendiest pop culture items in the current market.

Kenny Wong


Molly, the figurine created by Kenny Wong in 2006, was originally inspired by a young child. She has emerald eyes, pouting lips, and cute temperament. At the first time when Kenny met Molly, she wore a beret hat and an artist apron, and held a colour palette and a painting brush in her hands. That's how the little figurine artist Molly was born. She is stubborn, adorable, smart, proud, and fun. With such a lovely personality, along with various designs and outfits, she has won the hearts of numerous fans that have made Molly one of the most famous pop culture characters.

Designer: Kenny Wong (Hong Kong, China)

Kenny Wong, creator of the famous art toy character Molly, is a Hong Kong artist and toy designer. After Wong began cooperating with POP MART in 2016, Molly gained a large amount of attention and interest from the younger generation. She is now one of the most popular art toy characters, and Kenny has also become one of the most popular artists in the art toy category.



SKULLPANDA emerged as a distinctive kind of existence. As a universal symbiont, it travels freely between planets, looks for itself in fission, plays different roles and experiences different lives. The first time you see SKULLPANDA, you are gripped by an inexplicable force. It dwells in dark, empty and endless space, so what strikes you the most is a kind of wide openness, as if it could never land.

Designer: SKULLPANDA (China)

SKULLPANDA is a GC concept designer, art toy designer and the Director of NORTH STUDIO. She created the art toy character SKULLPANDA in 2018. With their strong personalities and distinguished designs, the SKULLPANDA series is easily recognisable. Their edgy designs are adored by the art toy community, and the distinctive makeup of SKULLPANDA figures has become a trend for cosplay among fans. In 2020, SKULLPANDA joined POP MART, and the SKULLPANDA Ancient Castle blind box series sold 60,000 pieces in one second when it was released.

Kasing Lung

The Monsters

In 2015, Kasing Lung created a fairy world in his three Nordic Fairy Tale picture books, where live The Monsters, which are both good and evil, including Zimomo, Tycoco, Spooky and Pato. Among them, the most famous one is Labubu, a small monster with high, pointed ears and serrated teeth. Despite a mischievous first impression, Labubu is very kind-hearted and always wants to help others while accidentally doing bad things. No matter what difficulties we encounter, we should grin like Labubu, and naturally we will become happy.

Designer: Kasing Lung (the Netherlands)

Kasing Lung is the first Chinese winner of the Illustration Award in Belgium. Originally from Hong Kong, China, he relocated to the Netherlands with his family at a young age, and currently stays in Belgium with his family. He has more than 10 years of experience in illustration, and his works have a vivid Nordic Fairy Tale style. In 2010, he transitioned from a professional illustrator to a toy designer. He partnered with How2work, a renowned toy brand in Hong Kong, China, and jointly released an art toy series. Now Mr. Lung brings fantasy characters of his drawings into the 3D world. POP MART entered into exclusive license agreement with Kasing Lung in 2019, and the revenue generated from the first series launch broke the sales record in the art toy category.



Dimoo is a little boy with big eyes and a sense of fear and confusion. In the real world, he is shy and timid and fears the future. But in the dream, he is brave, trying to explore new worlds and make new friends. And there, he met Mother Cloud, who placed Baby Cloud on Dimoo’s head for his company. It is Dimoo's friend and gradually becomes a part of him. Along with his emotions, Baby Cloud changes constantly in shape, guarding and accompanying him all the time.

Designer: Ayan (China)

Ayan graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. She is one of the founders of the famous design studio MOUNTAIN STUDIO. She is also the manager and leading creator of YANSTUDIO and Dimoo World series. After spending two years in creating the stories and characters of the Dimoo World Series, Ayan found a way to use her creations to express and convey her feelings. The Dimoo World series is filled with the beauty of fantasy, and the story is about the journey of a little boy named Dimoo.



Pucky is the brand of the figurines made by Pucky, the artist. It is named after Puck, the sprite in Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" which is based on the ancient figure Puck found in English mythology. It represents the convergence of fantasy and the real world. Pucky creations are based mostly on the exploration of nature and the spiritual world, like a colourful dream with sensitivity and a dark side. Through artistic creation, Pucky hopes to discover more about this lonely yet warm world.

Designer: Pucky (Hong Kong, China)

Pucky is a Hong Kong illustrator and post-’80’s generation art toy designer. After graduating from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Canada, she returned to Hong Kong and established her own studio named Pookie. POP MART entered into an exclusive license agreement with Pucky in 2017, launching the first “Pucky Pool Babies” blind box series in 2018. Pucky's products were one of the most popular art toy products during the online Single's Day Shopping Festival 2020 on Tmall in China.