On 25 March, POP MART opened its second Sydney store at Westfield Chatswood, only eight days after the grand opening of its first Sydney store at Westfield Sydney.

Located at the famous shopping hub in Northern Sydney, the Chatswood Store succeeded in attracting considerable consumers to its opening with serial exclusive offers, including the return of the exclusive SKULLPANDA Dark Maid figurine and PUCKY The Ghost – Sparkle Pink and the national launch of Sweet Bean x INSTINCTOY Sweet Together blind box series.

Chatswood Store is also the first Australian with an official POP BEAN wall. To celebrate the opening, POP MART intentionally launched the Happy Spring Festival Lying Baby Series. The mini figurines in red and golden have appealed to many consumers with its festive vibes.

It also has a beach-styled photography spot featuring MOLLY, who invites customers to enjoy the beach life along the beautiful coastline of North Shore. In addition, the special LABUBU Kangaroo statue on the table appeals to every consumer from entering with its distinctive Aussie style.

Samson Su, Marketing Manager of POP MART Australia and New Zealand shared, “We’ve aimed to make this store full of local styles. The photography point featuring Molly on the beach resonates a lot with the beach life in North Shore. We always strive to communicate and interact with local customers in the hopes that our store can become one of their destinations for fun and happiness.”

25 March is also when the Earth Hour falls. POP MART launched its latest environmentally friendly-themed MEGA SPACE MOLLY 1000% Glacier. Samson added, “We hope to encourage our fans to also pay more attention to the global warming issue. It’s quite important to everyone. In future, we would like to organise more similar events to better give back to society.”

Also known as designer toys, art toys are creative figurines that incorporate art, design, pop trends, drawing, sculpted reliefs, etc., different from the traditional figurines that are inspired by ACGN characters. In 2016, POP MART identified the market opportunities of art toys, and started to discover and nurture outstanding art toy artists and designers. This strategy has succeeded to commercialise the niche segment of art toys on a large scale, and started the art toy trend.

In 2018, POP MART embarked on its global business. In 2021, it started to accelerate it with the channel matrix comprising offline retail stores, Robo Shops and cross-border ecommerce platforms. At present, POP MART has operated global business in 25 countries and regions. In Australia, it has opened four retail stores, one pop-up store, 11 Robo Shops and one official eCommerce channel in Australia.
25 Mar, 2023