Today, 17 Nov 2021, POP MART AUSTRALIA officially had its first Roboshop opened in Sydney. After the official launch online in October, POP MART finally connected with Australian consumers offline. Located at World Square, the Roboshop has two vending machines ready to unlock the Blind Box fun.

To bring more joy, a large Dimoo statue was specially placed at the Roboshop, along with the universe backdrop and the black-and-white grid patterns on the ground, to create a perfect photography spot for fans. This succeeded in attracting crowds every now and then, becoming one of the popular landmarks in town.

Location: Lower Ground, World Square, 644 George Street, Sydney, NSW

Founded in 2010, POP MART has been a leading player in China’s pop culture and entertainment industry. Striving to light up passion and bring joy, it has been expanding its global presence rapidly in recent years. As of 30 September 2021, it operates in 24 countries and regions through offline stores and Roboshops as well as online platforms. In October 2021, POP MART officially entered the Australian market. At present, its sales channels include the online store on the official website and the Roboshop in Sydney.

17 Nov, 2021