Art toy culture penetrates Australia gradually


On 17 Nov, the pop culture and entertainment brand POP MART officially opened its second Melbourne store at Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, which is located in the CBD. It has only been three months since POP MART opened its first Australian store at Melbourne’s Chadstone – The Fashion Capital in August.

This second retail store will offer more art toy lovers in Melbourne physical access to the charms of pop art, enabling them to enjoy shopping in an immersive atmosphere. The store was carefully designed to have the large art statues of Sweet Bean - Comic and SKULLPANDA - The Princess displayed at the gate and inside the store respectively.

In addition, POP MART has specially created a display spot featuring the childlike DIMOO - Game Boy statue for fans, encouraging them to return to playfulness in the world of art toys.

Samson Su, Marketing Manager of POP MART Australia and New Zealand, said, “Today is the 12th anniversary of POP MART. We’re excited to celebrate it with the opening of our Melbourne Central Store. We wish every customer happy experience at this new art toy landmark in Melbourne!”

One of the store highlights is POP BEAN, which was launched earlier this year. It made its Australian debut on the opening day of Melbourne Central store, attracting numerous fans’ attention. Many consumers were eager to buy it.

To offer art toy lovers more surprises, several limited-edition products were launched, including LABUBU Shepherd, which made its world debut that day, ZIMOMO Matter and PUCKY the Ghost – Sparkle Pink.

Meanwhile, multiple new arrivals were first launched at Melbourne Central, including the eighth SKULLPANDA series “The Warmth”, The Conjuring Universe series inspired by Warner movies, POPCAR Happy Weekend series, and two latest MEGA COLLECTION collectibles, the SPACE MOLLY x Care-A-Lot Bear and the 400% Just DIMOO Maple Syrup Cocoa.

Also known as designer toys, art toys are creative figurines that incorporate art, design, pop trends, drawing, sculpted reliefs, etc. With keen insight into art and culture, POP MART started to discover and nurture outstanding art toy artists and designers in 2016.

This strategy managed to commercialise the niche segment of art toys on a large scale, and started the art toy trend around the world. So far, it has successfully cultivated famous art toy characters including MOLLY, DIMOO, SKULLPANDA, THE MONSTERS, HIRONO and PUCKY, all loved by global fans.

Since 2018, POP MART has expanded its worldwide presence to 25 countries and regions while popularising art toys through over 350 stores and more than 1,800 Robo Shops globally. At present, it has opened two retail stores, two pop-up stores, six Robo Shops and one official eCommerce channel in Australia.

Samson added, “We extend our sincere gratitude to customers across Australia for their support since we entered Australia in 2021. In future, we will endeavour to bring more wonderfulness to our Australian fans, and unlock great fun in art toys together!”

17 Nov, 2022