POP MART, the global culture and entertainment company best known for art toys and collectible toys, unveils its high-end collectible art toys, MEGA Space Molly, at DesignerCon UK in London through Aug.20th to Aug.22nd. This will be the first time that MEGA Space Molly is exhibited in Europe.

The MEGA Space Molly figure is a large art toy with two sizes – MEGA Space Molly 1000%, which stands at 70cm, and MEGA Space Molly 400%, with a height of 29.5cm. Dressed in different types of astronaut apparel, the MEGA Space Molly comes with three designs for DesignerCon: “SpongeBob,” “Watermelon,” and “Toffee.” POP MART will also be unveiling their MEGA SPACE MOLLY Return Series, a series of Blind Boxes based on the popular MEGA Space Molly Collection. The collection has various features, including a functional helmet as well as a removable gun accessory. Each art toy piece from the MEGA Collection comes with an exclusive collector’s card, including a unique product ID, and a limited-edition series number.

As a high-end product line of POP MART, the MEGA Collection is created to satisfy various art toy collectors’ interests, specifically for those who enjoy high-end art toys. So far, POP MART has invested in expanding the MEGA Collection into more characters, including Molly, Skullpanda, Dimoo, Flabjacks, and Crybaby. More high-end art toys from POP MART are expected to be released in the future.

Since 2010, POP MART has expanded across 23 countries and regions, including China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, the US, Canada, UK, and France. POP MART has over 200 retail stores,1400+ Roboshops, and more than 600 distribution platforms and online platforms that deliver products to 52 countries and regions worldwide.

POP MART has endeavored to discover trendy artists with great potential, and through a mature and comprehensive IP operation system, a great number of series of trendy IP characters such as Molly, Pucky, The Monsters, Dimoo, Skullpanda were created. These IP characters bring joy and surprise to the art toy community and to their global consumers.

20 Aug, 2021