From 24 to 28 April, POP MART held a DIMOO World Pop-Up at Macquarie Centre in Sydney, featuring the latest DIMOO Animal Kingdom Series designed by AYAN, the creator of DIMOO. Infused with local Australian vibes, the pop-up attracted a massive crowd of fans drawn to its natural charm.

On 27 April, AYAN’s fansign event took place at the pop-up. The artist visited Sydney from China specially, and engaged in deep interaction with Australian fans. Many fans eagerly lined up for the signing session, with many travelling from other states to attend.

One of the fans from other cities expressed, "I've been a big fan of DIMOO since I first encountered the character, and I love the creativity of each series. When I heard that AYAN would come to Australia for this fansign event, I was thrilled that I could finally have a chance to meet and interact with her."

Along with the fansign event, the limited-edition DIMOO-Kangaroo: Cosy Dream Figurine made its global debut on the same day. Inspired by the beloved kangaroo of Australia, this figurine is full of local elements. The accessories of DIMOO Animal Kingdom Series also made their Australian debut at the pop-up.

Samson Su, Marketing Manager of POP MART Australia and New Zealand, said, “This is our inaugural IP-themed pop-up in Australia and AYAN's first fansign event in the region. We know our fans across the country have expected this for a long time, so we’re excited that we can finally make it happen. We will organise more events in future to further interact with our fans.”

AYAN, POP MART's contracted artist, is a well-known Chinese illustrator, toy designer and artist who graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China. Since 2017, she has been creating the DIMOO WORLD story series, expressing her understanding of life through painting and creation. As the art toy industry continues to evolve, AYAN has become one of the most representative Chinese art toy artists, attracting a large number of fans globally.

In recent years, POP MART has been continuously boosting deep collaborations with global artists, enabling more art toy artists to step into the spotlight and engage in deep interactions with fans worldwide through hosting fansign events. The combination of DIMOO-themed pop-up and AYAN fansign event is also an innovative endeavour by POP MART.

General Manager for POP MART Australia and New Zealand Yuki Wu stated, "After accumulating a large number of fans, hosting fansign events is a further way to engage with consumers and better disseminate art toy culture. Interacting with artists during these events allows more people to appreciate the charm of our IPs."

At present, it has nine physical stores, 18 Robo Shops, and one e-commerce channel for local consumers to buy art toys.
28 Apr, 2024